Jennifer McIntosh

Why do artists do what they do?  Why do they create? The answer is most often because they have to.

It is inexplicable… that urge to create… as essential to an artists wellbeing as food, water and shelter.

And what is it that they must create?  What is the purpose? The reasons are as varied as the number of artists who have ever lived!

So for most of my artistic life I have pondered the question… What is MY reason? Why MUST I do what I do?

Sometimes I tell myself a good story about why… only to have it promptly change!  At times I tell myself so many good stories that I confuse myself…. It’s usually about then that I avoid the obligatory writing of the ‘about page’ or ‘artist statement’! But sometimes I think the question is about the same as pondering why do we exist at all… what is the purpose of life! It’s the type of question whose answer we sometimes feel is within our grasp and then just as quickly it’s gone again.

Of course, part of the answer is that the arts are a form of communication… a telling of stories. I think this comes close to explaining my ‘why’… but still there’s something more. I most often find that the stories I become entranced by are stories of a nature I can’t put words to… and therefore I must create!

For some artists it is important to make political and social statements… I have thought about doing the same. Some things move me profoundly and the way an artist expresses how they feel is through their creations. But so far I have not found myself spending to much time with these subjects.

I find I am more interested in experiencing the joy in our world and sharing beautiful moments with an optimistic view of life.

However, still there is something else… it is elusive… another layer to the story that I don’t believe I have succeeded in telling yet.  I think my aim then, is to find and dig into that mysterious conversation of life… whatever that might be!

And in the meantime, my hope is that somehow my paintings, drawings and photographs may in some small way, touch on a part of that conversation and reveal it to the viewer.


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