If there’s one thing I love more than creating my own art… it’s helping others to tap into their own creative centre and finding joy through art.  I truly believe art is for everyone!!  – Jennifer


Adult Art Classes


Currently there are two morning and one evening class to choose from.  If the day/time’s or even the format doesn’t suit you, please don’t hesitate to call as I do keep a list of people requesting certain day/times etc… and if we have the numbers I will happily put another class on.


Wednesday  9.30am – 12noon

This class is an open class suitable for all abilities.

Thursday       9.30 – 12 noon

This class is an open class suitable for all abilities.

The open class structure allows participants to explore and engage in new ideas and techniques and/or to work on a self-directed project while accessing guidance and feedback along the way.  Advanced participants benefit from the social interaction and feedback from peers.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with a focus on moving everyone forward creatively whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned painter.  But most importantly it’s about relaxing and enjoying the process as you let your creative genie out and have some fun!

Students bring their own materials and receive a card they can use to get discounts at Arthouse Direct.  Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided.

Cost is $25 per class (2 1/2 hours) or $125 for 6 weeks (1 free class… the 6 weeks must be taken consecutively).



Thursday     6pm – 8.30pm

The Stress buster – a class with a difference! Suitable for everyone absolutely NO experience necessary just a desire to have some creative fun.

The idea of this class is to provide a time and space to completely chill and connect with your own inner art genie! Absolutely NO previous art experience is required! Truly!!

It’s anything but a formal art lesson… the focus will be on loosening up and getting into the ‘groove’ by engaging in activities such as movement, breathe and meditation and then letting loose with paint and other mixed media.

Mess and experimentation is totally encouraged… though you may be surprised at how masterpieces just somehow turn up!  And if you’re worried you won’t know what to do… I’m there to gently guide you to find your own expression or offer suggestions.

Tuition and guidance will be in accordance with individual and group needs so there’s nothing to worry about except chillaxing and having fun!

Oh… and if you’re a creative suffering artist block… perfect! I guarantee you won’t be blocked for long!  It’s all about having fun, connecting and recharging your batteries with no expectations… 🙂

All materials will be provided so all you need to do is turn up!

Cost is $120 for the 4 weeks.

Class commences Thursday 3rd November 2016.

Tea, coffee or perhaps a glass of wine… along with light refreshments will be provided.


To book your place please follow the link for secure payment 


or by direct deposit

Account Name      Jennifer McIntosh

BSB                        062 762

Account No.          10068115

Ref:                         SB name  (i.e. SB plus your name)


I joined Jenny’s art classes back in February 2015 and find Jenny’s enthusiasm, knowledge and energy very inspirational. I enjoy the classes immensely as well as the company and great sense of humour.  At the end of each class there is a comment and feedback session on our work in progress, which is very encouraging, honest and productive.

ANYONE looking for an art class, look no further, Jenny’s classes are for people, from beginners to experienced, which shows in Jenny’s ability to teach and relate to all different levels.

Hans Keift

‘I needed to find a local Art class that would take me through the fundamentals such as drawing; colour theory; perspective and tone etc.. Jenny’s classes covered all these which gave me enough knowledge to go home and try things out, experiment and have fun with newly acquired knowledge. She is a great teacher with many years of knowledge and experience in all types of mediums and techniques. She puts a lot of thought and time into planning her classes and I still refer back to the helpful handouts she provided. The classes are fun and the group I was in had a lovely atmosphere. Jenny loves to teach and talk about art, happily sharing her experiences and knowledge. I would recommend Jenny to anyone interested in taking some art lessons as she is capable of helping a beginner or the more experienced artist.’

Wendy Hamlin

Jenny’s classes are opportunities to learn the intricacies of various methods of painting and drawing in small friendly groups. There are opportunities to discuss your work and critique it as well as receive individual support throughout the painting process. An opportunity to grow in skill and meet like minded people who enjoy art.

Jill Hart

A store will be coming soon… but in the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to purchase, please click the button and send me an email via the contact form.  Thank you 🙂

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